Saturday, August 7, 2010

visits with mom

I visited mom Wednesday and Friday this week. Wednesday, I was with Dad; and Mom was plenty confused about things. She was quite certain that Dad was not her husband. I always refer to Dad with his first and last name. Sometimes, she thinks that we are a couple and then I tell her about my husband and try to distract her. We enjoyed coffee and big cookies together. Dad is always worried she is not eating enough even tho she has gained weight. He told her, "No, you eat the last piece." She wanted him to have it and he finally said, "Well, O.K." Then she threw it in his hot coffee and grinned! I went to get a spoon so he could get it out.

Friday, I visited mom alone. As soon as I walked in she recognized me in the hall and said, "Donna!" She was glad to see me and I was glad to hear my name. We walked the halls, went outside and looked at flowers, looked at albums and had coffee. I told her that her home there was beautiful. And she said, "Do you think so?" I said, "Sure, you have so many friends here." Everyone says hi to her as we walk around and she gives many staff and residents hugs. She asked to go home but I told her I had to go back to work and she seemed o.k. with that. When I left she was waiting for lunch to be served.

I'm thankful for these times with my mom and I'm thankful that she is in a safe, friendly place.