Monday, October 10, 2011

Mom's Having Fun!

My sister from Missouri came to Wisconsin to help out my Dad for a couple weeks. What a pleasure to have her here!! Yesterday, we went together to see Mom. When we arrived at the nursing home she wasn't in her usual spots. She has a recliner that she likes to sit in that is in the quiet living room by the nurses desk. She wasn't there. She wasn't in the bird room or the activity room. I didn't see her in the halls so we decided to actually look in her room.
When we came to the door, she was leaning over her bed talking to her two baby dolls!! It was such a sweet sight. She heard us and turned around but then sat next to her dolls and cuddled them.
We went in and I sat on the floor by her and my sister in a chair. We told her the babies looked cute and she seemed very content. Then we took out these toy wands that came from the dollar store. I've carried one in my bag for quite awhile and mom gets a kick out of it because it makes a magical music sound. The new ones my sister brought made noises and the one would keep going as quickly as you could push the button. Mom's face would light up and she would keep pushing it. Dolls and toy wands made my mom smile and we all laughed and enjoyed the moment. There were three wands and we walked around casting spells listening to the music. Crazy...maybe... but Mom was having fun and showed expression and that made my sister and I very happy. Another highlight, mom ate all of her food. She heaped a spoonful of mixed vegetables on her Jello and ate it up! Then she ate a chicken salad sandwich, the rest of the veggies and the rest of the salad. Yes, it was a good day with mom.