Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Where are your shoes?

I went to see mom right after work. I arrived to find her sitting in the cozy living room with lots of other residents. They had been listening to someone read, To Kill A Mocking Bird.  This is mom's favorite spot to sit. That's why she was in this room. I don't think she actually listened to the story but who knows... She was looking very content without her shoes or socks on. Residents always are fully dressed with shoes and socks. Obviously she wanted to air out her tooties. It made me smile. I asked her to go for a walk but she wouldn't step on the tile floor beyond the carpet. I found one sock and both shoes so we were on our way before too long. Minus the one pink sock. 
We walked down the hall to the windows to see the pine trees. She was looking at them much but she did give me a hug. I said, "I love you mom." She said, "I like you." When she says that she sounds so sincere. It is very sweet. She ate her egg salad sandwich and ice cream. We looked at some books and I gave her lots of hugs she seems to enjoy cuddles lately. It was a good visit.