Sunday, October 24, 2010

Days, Months, Seasons, Time Marches On

The fall has been very busy. I returned to my full time teaching position in August and since then things have been a blurr. Getting back into the classroom after having been gone over a year was easier than I thought it would be.

The difficult part is having time for everything else. I only see mom once maybe twice a week now and that is difficult. She has adjusted to the nursing home and seems fairly relaxed there. When I arrived the other day, she was in the quiet living room. The lights were dim and music was playing and she was holding up her baby doll talking to it.
Momemts like that are both sweet and hard to take. My mom finds great comfort in a baby doll. She thinks it is her baby. She coos to it and cuddles it and carries it around. She is concerned about it feedings and care. It has been a blessing to her.

When mom sees me she often says my name with excitement. Last time, she said my sister's name. When looking at pictures she still recognizes some people especially dad. She is still crazy about him. That's the hard part. It seems like they should be together and yet realistically mom isn't who she was. She needs more care than she would get at home with a caregiver. Mom is a people person and I think she benefits by interacting with the staff, residents and visitors. I pray for God to continue to bless mom and dad.

I often stay with mom during a meal. She says she isn't hungry but if given enough time she usually eats a good portion of her food. Sandwiches are the easiest but she picks up the small bowls of fruit or vegetables and usually eats most of them. I usually feed her the main course. It seems easier than trying to get her to eat it on her own.

Dad's doing o.k. He misses mom terrible and is really down after some of his visits. She really wants to go home with him and asks repeatedly. This is very hard on dad. Visits go better if someone goes with him. A couple of my brothers have yet to visit mom or dad. This saddens me greatly because I know that mom would want their support for both of them. I could use a little brotherly support too come to think of it but I also know that they have to figure this out for themselves. My sisters continue to come as often as they can and they call and write often.

Not sure what the future will hold but I am thankful for everyday and I am most thankful that mom is safe and in a caring environment.