Friday, August 1, 2014

Remember When...

We are on vacation in Montana. We've had five days of hiking and biking up the beautiful Rocky Mountains! What a great way to enjoy the mountains. I am especially happy because my back has handled all the exercise! Today, we decided we needed to get a few things done so we got the oil changed. Ken got a haircut. We ate lunch out and did a little shopping. It was a relaxing day. 

Each day we drive by the amazing Hoopers Greenhouse. No chance of hauling a plant back to Wisconsin but we decided to stop to admire the beauty and were we amazed! 25 thousand square feet of plants in perfect condition! The place was spotless. No leaves or dirt or dead blooms!  

As I looked at the massive collection of geraniums, I couldn't help but think of mom. She loved red geraniums, Impatients and Begonias.  A very nice lady came up and started to talk to us and said it was quite a complement to have someone taking photos. I told her we were just passing through but had to stop and look. She preceded to show us a massive Begonia and tell us how to care for them. 
I started to cry! Right out of no where!? I miss my mom and I am sad that she no longer has the passion she once had for her flowers. She no longer works in the dirt or steals a slip to try to start her own plant.  Yes, she seems content, safe and o.k.  at the nursing home but I miss her and I'm sorry for the life she is missing out on.

Monday, June 9, 2014

That's Nice!

I had a good vist with mom. I took this picture and showed it to her. She said, "That's nice."  I think she really liked the picture! She ate two lemon bars, ice cream some fish, green beans and rice.  We walked down the hall and she enjoyed seeing her pine trees. She looked great and smelled good too! She was wearing Loves Baby Soft. Her CNA Chris takes special care of mom.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sophie is feeling better!

Easter Sunday, Kenny, Dad and I went to have dinner with Mom. The nursing home does it up right in the activity room with flowers, table clothes, colored eggs and a full meal. Unfortunately, mom was under the weather. She had a runny nose and just wanted to sleep. Dad is always concerned bout her eating and really pushed more food then she wanted. She eats because he is feeding her. 

We stayed a few hours with dad and mom both napping.  On Monday, I got to the nursing home by 8:15. Mom was still sleeping. I stayed awhile but it was obvious she was sick and needed to rest.  I called to check on mom the last three days and then went for a care conference today. Dad and Bonnie were there too. It turned out to be a good day. Mom was up feeling better. She ate soup and yogurt, walked the halls and was a little spunky. It was good to see her feeling better.

Saturday, January 4, 2014