Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No cancer. Thank you Lord!

A very happy day!! Dad had an appointment to have a nodule in his lung checked out. Before the biopsy, they did another CT scan & they couldn't find the nodule!! They said it was gone! and on the last CT scan it was the size of a grape. What a relief! No lung cancer to deal with. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!

Mom continues to be happy most of the time but she is more confused about most things. What really saddens me is that last week after dad went to bed she looked at me and said, "Where did that guy go?" She seemed to be confused about who "that guy" was...

Today when I was getting glasses out to set on the table I found a piece of french bread in one. The colander was missing from the kitchen and she was sure that someone had stolen it. I try to reassure her that no one is stealing things. Wouldn't it be awful to think people were taking things from your house? What an awful feeling.

Thursday, I have a new person going to visit with mom & dad hopefully it will be another person to fill in on days when needed. It is getting to the point where mom needs some one with her most of the time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Life has definitely changed. After planning for a couple weeks that Ken and I would go see his family for a couple days it looks like our plans have changed. Today we took dad to the doctor because they found a nodule in his lungs. It is the about the size of a grape and they are afraid it could be cancer. He is scheduled for a biopsy next week. He had a good day, but when we got home he felt shaky and cold. Very unusual for him...he went to bed at 4pm and after checking on him a couple times Ken brought up the heating pad. Dad finally fell asleep. He had said his feet were cold and I think the heating pad helped. We will check on him in the morning. While dad rested mom and I were together watching the birds. She said, Where's that guy that was in that chair?! This was the first time she seemed confused about dad...She asked if I had any sisters and was shocked when I said Ceil and Bonnie. She seemed to remember Ceil was her daughter. She made a couple confusing statements about who dad was and asked if my husband was my dad. What an awful disease...God grant us strength, patience, love and guidance through this difficult time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hair & Hats

The days have been crazy and I have too much on my mind. Since the name of this blog is alzheimers moments with mom I am going to try to stick to that topic. Hopefully, that will remind me of the fun moments we have together.
Mom has beautiful thick hair for a 75 year old. Up until a few years ago, she always kept it short, cut and curled it herself. After a shoulder surgery that all changed. Since then my sister who has a very busy life has been the one to take mom for her haircuts. Well, it's been a bit too long and mom can't stand it.
Sunday when I went to pick her up for church she looked pretty good. Even had her hair washed. Dad and I were having coffee discussing birds and the garden and mom came out of the bathroom all smiles...she had put lotion on her hair!!! "I don't like it when it's sticking up!" I couldn't take her to church like that so after a few loud words she decided I could her wash and dry her hair and we made it to church with time to spare.
Church is another moment to love with mom. During the sermon she makes faces or rolls her eyes. One day the minister was talking about Esther from the Bible and mom whisperered Esther Proffit??? That was a dear neighbor lady that had died this past winter.
Back to the hair topic, this morning when I went to help dad plant corn mom was very happy to see me. She had obviously been trimming those bangs again and today she looked like a little Dutch girl with them cut very short and grinning ear to ear. It reminded me of my second grade picture when she cut my hair.
Dad and I went to work in the garden and soon mom was coming to join us. It was a bit cool 50 degrees maybe and mom hates to be chilled so she was wearing a stocking hat which is not unusual for her except today it was a super thick bright blue one that was pointed on the top. I told Dad she looked like a Smurf. Mom didn't mind she walked up to dad and said something like, "Hi Pa! Did you miss me? I love you." and then she gives him a kiss and says come on give me a kiss and he does. Is that sweet or what? Their 43rd aniversary will be next Saturday, June 6th. It seems they have more love then ever between them.