Saturday, July 18, 2009

Questions & Confusion

I spent the day with mom while dad was at his dump job. It is good that he is able to get out & make a little money and interact with lots of people. Mom was very confused today and kept asking me where I lived, if I had a husband & if my dad was in Superior. My husband, Kenny was in Superior but for some reason she is calling him my dad. She asked me if I have any sisters and I said, "Yes, Cecile and Bonnie." She said, "Oh, those are my daughters." and I said, "Yes, and so am I." She looked at me very puzzled like and said, "Are you the oldest?" It seems she just can't grasp that I am her daughter. I am o.k. with that & I just want her to be calm and at peace. It's difficult when she asks these questions because they go on and on & she gets agitated and I try to redirect with comments about the birds or garden and sometimes it works but other times she just doesn't let it drop. At times, I tell her the wrong answers seeing if that will calm her but no matter what I say she doesn't seem satisfied. For example, she frequently asks my age and I say 44 and she gasps and says, "Nooo." So later I might say, "29 or 25" and she still says, "Noooo." The crazy thing is, it seems like most of her memories are now gone or confused. She asked me who my sister and nephew were in a picture and she asked me if I had a job. I said, "Yes. I am a school teacher. I teacher first grade." She said, "Oh, that must be nice." She asked me where I live and I always say, "In Danbury across from Vivian Johnson." and she said, "Oh, do you live with all those people and Donna and Kenny." We have a very small house and there is just my husband and I and mom and dad were here just yesterday for dinner but she doesn't have any recollection of it. What an awful desease....

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