Sunday, July 17, 2011

Days Go By

Summer is flying by and the heat and humidity is overwhelming!! I wouldn't mind a cool day and wearing a sweatshirt!! I have continued to drive dad on Monday and Fridays to visit mom. Last Friday, John and Julie were with us. That is Mom's niece that has been a regular visitor throughout mom's life. We had a nice visit.

I know that it is hard for people to see mom in the nursing home. She didn't know who Julie was so we told her more than once. We said, "She is Julie Mihna. Your brother Steve Mihna's daughter." It didn't seem like it meant anything to her. Julie told me that she has a hard time visiting mom but she felt like this last visit was a good one. Mom really studied the photo albums and she ate plenty throught our visit.

What goes on in mom's mind?? What does she remember and know??? At this point, it does not matter. We look at picture albums. Read books and take walks. On Friday, she had no problem walking down the hall to see the three big trees and the blue house out the window. She is always amazed by the tallest tree.
On the way back, I reminded her, Donnie Slipher is here. He is your sweetheart." She seemed surprised and when I said, "Yep, He is right around the corner." She quickened her pace and recognized him immediately. She smiled and moved the chair close and gave him a kiss. How sweet is that?? I hate to see mom not remembering but it gives me such joy to see her walk quickly to him and give him a squeeze.

The week before when we walked in Tamra was just asking mom to go to the bathroom. She saw us and was distracted but then she asked dad to hold her baby doll, Katie and then she went with Tamra to the bathroom. Dad sat there holding the doll waiting for mom. Can you imagine? A man 82 years old with a doll tucked in his arm waiting for his wife of 45 of years. To me it is just amazing how he has adjusted to this huge challenge in his life.

My dad married mom when he was 35 and she was 30. They had six children at the start of their marriage. Needless to say they faced many challenges through the years...but in the end they stayed together and he is holding her baby doll, waiting for her to come from the bathroom where she is being helped by one of the angels at the nursing home.

Everyone that has visited mom at the nursing home agrees that it is an amazing place and that she is receiving the best of care. There are still family members and friends that disagree. It is difficult not to have their support but I know that mom is in a good place and the staff knows her personality and they love her and want the best for her.

God is in control and mom is safe. What more can I ask for??


  1. Hi Donna, thanks for your comments! It's true, its so hard to know what's in their minds. Take care of yourself! Joy from cleaning house...

  2. That was a nice post, Donna. I know, the age thing is weird, right? You wonder if its because they don't have the cares of the world anymore...