Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No cancer. Thank you Lord!

A very happy day!! Dad had an appointment to have a nodule in his lung checked out. Before the biopsy, they did another CT scan & they couldn't find the nodule!! They said it was gone! and on the last CT scan it was the size of a grape. What a relief! No lung cancer to deal with. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!

Mom continues to be happy most of the time but she is more confused about most things. What really saddens me is that last week after dad went to bed she looked at me and said, "Where did that guy go?" She seemed to be confused about who "that guy" was...

Today when I was getting glasses out to set on the table I found a piece of french bread in one. The colander was missing from the kitchen and she was sure that someone had stolen it. I try to reassure her that no one is stealing things. Wouldn't it be awful to think people were taking things from your house? What an awful feeling.

Thursday, I have a new person going to visit with mom & dad hopefully it will be another person to fill in on days when needed. It is getting to the point where mom needs some one with her most of the time.

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