Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Life has definitely changed. After planning for a couple weeks that Ken and I would go see his family for a couple days it looks like our plans have changed. Today we took dad to the doctor because they found a nodule in his lungs. It is the about the size of a grape and they are afraid it could be cancer. He is scheduled for a biopsy next week. He had a good day, but when we got home he felt shaky and cold. Very unusual for him...he went to bed at 4pm and after checking on him a couple times Ken brought up the heating pad. Dad finally fell asleep. He had said his feet were cold and I think the heating pad helped. We will check on him in the morning. While dad rested mom and I were together watching the birds. She said, Where's that guy that was in that chair?! This was the first time she seemed confused about dad...She asked if I had any sisters and was shocked when I said Ceil and Bonnie. She seemed to remember Ceil was her daughter. She made a couple confusing statements about who dad was and asked if my husband was my dad. What an awful disease...God grant us strength, patience, love and guidance through this difficult time.

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