Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Season

The winter has been a long one...and although the calendar says it is spring and it is actually April 3 the weather is still chilly and there is lots of snow on the ground. I've been busy with work but I try to see mom once or twice a week. Bonnie and Dad visited her together on Friday. Bonnie took mom and dad for a ride around Spooner. They sat in the back seat together and had an ice cream cone and looked at the houses. Mom seemed to enjoy the outing and I know dad was happy about it. I am so thankful that my sister has time to spend with them.

My last visits with mom have been positive. She sees me and says my name and we enjoy holding her baby doll, looking at photos and then we go to the dining room. Mom enjoys the sweets, especially ice cream. As soon as her food was served, she grabbed the little plastic cup of ice cream, took the lid off and started eating. I said maybe you should have some of your sandwich but she was totally focused on the icecream. It felt good to see her enjoy something so much. She hugs me and I say I love you and she almost always will say it back.

Mom definitely needs more help with things. She seems confused about most things. The CNA's are so good to hear. Patient and they have a sense of humor which mom still enjoys.

Mom has been in the nursing home for 15 months!! It has taken a long time for things to kind of settle down. It still shocks me to think of her there and I would love for things to be different but I am so grateful that she has a safe place to be where she can wander and interact with others. I know that her presence there is a blessing to others. Thank you God for providing all we need!

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