Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Party Sophie is 77!!

A week ago, we had a birthday party for mom at the nursing home. It was my sister Bonnie's idea. I have to admit I wasn't too excited about it at first. I wasn't sure if any one would actually show up and I was wondering how mom would react to the situation. As it turned out, at least twenty friends and family gathered together for a couple hours. Mom hung out with us the whole time. She didn't really seem to recognize her friends but she did eat cake and look at old photo albums and she was glad to have dad sitting by her and when I walked in she said, "Donna!!". Such music to my ears!! She looked was all fixed up with her hair curled and finger nails polished. It's so nice that the staff makes sure the residents are ready for special days.

Earlier in the month, my niece Netta came with her husband Justin and their 15 month old son Jacob. That would be mom's first great grand baby!! What a pleasure it was to spend the week with them. I am so glad that they came to Wisconsin and saw mom in the nursing home and spent time with her. I know mom is not remembering a lot but I believe that she does recognize family and she does know when we are there and she does know that we love her. If no one visits for a few days, I do believe she gets more anxious. I really wish my brothers would visit. How can they miss this whole part of mom's life??

Last night, I went to visit mom after work. I asked the activities director how mom was doing. She said that she had been coming to activities and planted a lettuce bowl during the planting activity. She also mentioned that she sees mom going outside to enjoy the warm weather. It's nice to know mom is not just sitting alone in a room but she is out with people and doing a few things.

When I found mom she had just left a sing along music activity and she was snoozing in her favorite recliner. I waited for a bit and then she woke up and said, "How did you get here?!" She always looks so surprised and happy to see me. We chatted for a bit and then went to the dinning room. Mom doesn't understand when I tell her we are going to eat. She seems confused about where or what I am talking about so I have to just talk her into coming with me. She was holding tight to a little stuffed dog. She would look at it close and snuggle it. When we arrived at her table another lady already there immediately said, "That's my dog!!" I told her I thought it was mom's because she had been holding it for awhile. Mom just kind of scowled at her. She doesn't seem to have the words to verbally reply in these situations. Florence was already at the table and started up a monologue about "her boy" that was in a hole in the army and they didn't think there was breathing on & on the story went as the other lady continued to badger mom about her little dog. It was crazy listening to all that talk...finally a nurse went to get a dog for the other lady. She was glad to get it but she still thought she should have mom' too.

Mom ate her hamburger and pears all on her own and I was able to coax her into drinking some milk and eating a few carrots. She enjoyed the old pictures I brought along and was resting with her baby doll when I left her.

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