Sunday, May 29, 2011

Visits with Mom

May has been a busy month. I didn't get to see mom for just over a week! When I went to visit her today she looked happy to see me. "Where did you come from?!" She didn't say my name but she sure looked like she knew who I was.

We looked at photo albums and enjoyed a granola bar. She said I should make more of them! We had lunch together. She wasn't interested to much in eating but she ate some turkey, dressing, green beans and most of the cherry pie. I am always glad to see mom eating. I can't imagine the day that she won't...we walked the halls and she was going slow. I said, "Come on you can go faster than that." She said, "Oh, no" so we plodded along...and then she read the door Sundance Therapy. I had a chuckle she read the words and then did a little jig right there in the hallway. She certainly still knows what dance means.

She enjoyed looking at the photo albums especially the old pictures of her family. Named all her brothers and sister and she is always happy to see a picture of her sweetheart "Donnie." She points to him and says, "I like him." I tell her I talked to him on the phone and he said, "He loves you and he is crazy about you and he is coming to see you!" She usually replies, "really!" She seems happy to hear about her sweetheart.

As we walked down the hall, I thought briefly, "Mom is looking older, more confused and slower." I wish her boys would come spend time with her...

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