Sunday, November 15, 2009


Another Sunday with mom & dad. I go up before church & have coffee with mom & dad and then mom & I go to church & dad goes to work at his dump attendant job. It was about 9:30 when I got there & I was very surprised to see there wasn't any coffee made!! No big deal to some people but mom always has coffee first thing. I have always been grateful that mom could still make coffee but I think the time has come when that is slipping away too. It is very sad. I hate Alzheimers.
We had a nice time in church & came home and made vegetable soup. Mom is a peeler and chopper as long as I am there to guide her. She quickly peeled carrots and potatoes. Uncle Mike, Aunty Eunice and Aunty Mary came as soon as we had our pot of soup on the stove. Mom was thrilled to see her sister and hugged her hard. She seemed a little confused about Eunice. Mom and her sister had some tough times in the past and it was nice to see that mom isn't dwelling on those feelings anymore. We had a nice visit with them. I was frustrated with mom at times. I know I shouldn't be because she can't help the forgetfulness but I miss my old mom so much. It hurts. I played polka music to lighten the mood and mom and I danced and Mary, Mike and Eunice clapped. Mom can keep the beat and loves the music. It made everyone smile.

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