Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good News

Yesterday was the long awaited doctor's appt. for dad. We found out that his PSA numbers have gone down from 10 to 8 which means no radiation at this time. The doctor called it "watchful waiting" & we will go back the first week in March to check the numbers again. This is a great relief to all of us.

A couple weeks ago, Ken and I went to the Spooner nursing home & then I took dad to see it. It is a larger home with many activities and the staff seems very in tune with the patients. They have music, dancing and cooking class. I can not even imagine mom being there but I also can not imagine care at home forever. It seems dad looks more tired lately & mom is definitely more confused. I hate this disease and what it does to mom. I am thankful for the time we have.

This past weekend was my nieces wedding in Ohio. I went with a cousin and it turned out to be a wonderful time but also sad. It was the first family occasion that I did not travel with my mom. I would have loved to have her along but I know that a trip like that is not possible anymore.

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